10 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

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 We are currently amidst the festive season, a time full of warm Christmas cheer. Although everyone may be keeping warm with hot drinks, there is only so much hot chocolate and mulled wine that can be drunk. It’s important that during this period we properly heat our homes, in order to avoid getting a case of December flu. More importantly, it is crucial that we keep our homes heated for those that can’t reach the thermostat (our children and pets) so that they do not fall ill.

There are several simple tips and tricks that we can all do to ensure that our homes remain at a stable temperature throughout December which not only keep us warm, but also save money in the long run.

JM Gas and Plumbing being gas and heating engineer Warrington know better than anyone how to keep warm, here are our tips to staying toasty throughout December.

Pull The Curtains

This may seem like an obvious one but its effectiveness cannot be questioned. When it gets dark pull your curtains, this acts as another layer of insulation and keeps the rooms within your house warm. Make sure that there are no gaps and you will not let any of the warm air out or any of the cold air in.

Use Timers on your Central Heating

 Setting a timer on your boiler so that it comes on before you get up at a lower temperature rather than getting up and putting it on a high temperature, not only keeps your house warmer but it saves you money! Speak to JM Gas and Plumbing today about how to install a timer for your boiler, as a gas and engineering Warrington company, we offer a range of different solutions such as boiler timers designed to make your home’s heating system more efficient and more cost effective.

Move Your Room Around

Is your couch in front of your radiator? Or perhaps a chest of drawers covers up your radiator from the rest of the room? The reality is that these types of obstructions to your radiator or heating system can be a costly mistake when trying to heat your home.

Couches and other types of furniture can absorb the heat generated by radiators and boilers and rather than having a thoroughly heated room, you end up with overly hot furniture- no we are not joking!

If you have moved your furniture around for maximum heat distribution and still are struggling to heat your home, maybe consult a gas and heating engineer Warrington such as JM Gas and plumbing for advice on how to tackle this problem. As it maybe be due to a fault in your heating system.

Maximise Insulation

It is estimated that around 25 percent of heat is lost through the roof of your home. That means that up to a quarter of the money you spend on heating is essentially wasted. This is before walls are taken into account and even doors, two other major culprits for escaping heat.

Insulation in your loft or cavity wall insulation is a great way to make sure you retain the heat that you pay for and in time the savings on energy will pay for the insulation costs. Energy suppliers and councils often run schemes so that members of the public can afford or even acquire different types of insulation for free.

JM Gas and Plumbing may be able to advise you on who to approach for insulation services, it may be worth ringing us for an over the phone chat about your options.

Wrap Up warm

 It is worth making sure that your hot water tank or boiler is properly lagged or insulated. This will keep the water warmer for longer and in turn reduce your heating costs. As JM Gas and Plumbing are gas and heating engineer Warrington, we can recommend the best kinds of winter jacket for your boiler and give you advice on where to get the best value for your money.

Turn Your Dial Down 

This point may seem a bit odd but hear us out. Turning your average temperature down from the standard 21 degrees to anywhere as downwards as 18 degrees could help keep you warmer and save money. Why? Keeping a constant stable temperature rather than having to flash heat your home by turn the thermostat right up, will mean that your home is on average warmer and not costing you a huge amount of money to heat. A win, win.

Install Thermostatic Radiator valves

The University of Salford proved that installing heating controls in the form of thermostatic radiator valves has the potential to save energy by up to 40 percent. These allow you to programme your heating to come on at predefined times, this allows you to use energy only when you need it. Being in the smartphone era, it is only natural that you can now control your heating via applications on your phone. If you are considering reducing costs to your heating through thermostatic radiator valves, you need to consult a gas and heating engineer Warrington like JM Gas and Plumbing. We have a wide range of products and services available to fit your home’s needs.

Consider Upgrading Your Boiler  

If your boiler is over ten years old, it may be time to replace it with a new more efficient model. Purchasing a new boiler can actually be a cost effective way to save money as after the initial purchasing costs are out of the way, you will save money through a more energy efficient model. Contact JM Gas and Plumbing the most trusted gas and heating engineer Warrington, for help and advice on what kind of boiler suits your needs.

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