Why Is It Important to Hire Professional Plumbers?

JM Gas and Plumbing are local plumbers Warrington, we have served the Cheshire area for a number of years and believe that great service revolves around efficient work and a professional attitude.

Winter is well and truly upon us, now more than ever it is important that your home is staying toasty warm, with an effective boiler system in place. However, the cowboy type tradesman that are looking to gain from others’ loss are not just a seasonal inconvenience.

As respected plumbers Warrington, we know more than anyone that hiring a professional, credible and reliable service is vital for a number of reasons.

Don’t Do It Yourself

DIY or do it yourself if best left to hobbyists of the world, building birdhouses and ornaments and not inexperienced members of the public tampering with unsafe components for the sake of a few quid.

The reality is that unless you know how to fix a complicated piece of hardware such as a boiler or radiator, tampering with it is more likely to damage it further rather than fix the problem.

As well as damaging the components of your home, you could potentially injure yourself by tampering with scolding hot and electrified components.

We suggest that if you ever do need help fixing any form of plumbing problem, you should get in touch with an expert in the trade that has experience and knowledge when it comes to plumbing and heating solutions.

Use a Reliable Service

 Okay so you’ve got a plumbing problem and you’ve decided that you need a plumbers Warrington help, who do you contact? It is important that when searching for a plumbing company, that you carry out your share of due diligence to ensure that the service you hire is going to be a reliable one that you can trust with your money.

There are a lot of cowboy traders and con artists around who are looking to make a quick buck often from others’ misfortune. The way in which you can avoid falling into the trap of one of these con artists is by researching into a company’s credibility.

Checking to see whether a company is gas registered is an absolute must if they intend to carry out work involving gas.

A great way to check the level of service that a company provides is through websites such as checkatrade.com. This website allows members of the public to review and score the level of service that has been provided by certain tradesmen. An easy to use and quick way to widdle out the cowboys from the genuine tradesmen and find a respected plumbers Warrington.

Get It Right The First Time

It is important that anyone carrying our work on your house gets it right the very first time, this way you minimise the amount of disruption to your home as well as reducing the cost of another plumber having to come back and fix the original faulty work.

Often plumbers Warrington do not get things right the first time will lump on additional charges to revisit sites and fix their own mistakes. Doesn’t sound fair right? That is why we suggest investing in the most professional plumbers Warrington service such as JM Gas and Plumbing, we fully check all the work that we have carried out at the end and allow you to do so too. If either of us find something out of place, we will fix it at no charge to you.

Everything Should Be Covered

Another often overlooked aspect of any form of work carried out by tradesmen is liability insurance. This type of insurance is essentials to ensure that any risks or infringements are covered and not your fault.

We at JM Gas and Plumbing have full liability insurance and are fully responsible for all work that we carry out. If you were to hire a less reputable plumbing company, you would not be able to guarantee they would have the level of cover that you need to remain safe.

It is best to go with the best.

Excellence Guaranteed

If a company is not offering some sort of excellence guarantee-be worried. Any plumbers Warrington worth their salt will offer a guarantee of some description that exempts you from costly repairs if something goes wrong or breaks with the product.

If a company does not have the level of confidence in their own product to produce this kind of agreement, warning bells should be beginning to ring.

JM Gas and plumbing offer a ten year guarantee on all boilers that we install, an addition to our service that we are happy to provide as it gives our customers piece of mind and honestly, we don’t have to repair many during that guarantee window!

How We Can Help

JM Gas and Plumbing have been serving the north west for a number of years now as plumbers Warrington. Our specialist services in boilers, plumbing and other heating equipment installation has been recognised by the general public as we continue to stay massively busy throughout the whole of the north west.

The reason for this is simple. We believe in delivering an impeccably high standard of service along with a friendly and approachable attitude towards all work. We work with our clients at times that best suit them rather than disrupting their day to day lives. We aim to be the friendliest and efficient plumbers Warrington in the north west.

If you would like to see an example of the high level of service that we provide and the customers that we please, visit the testimonials section on our website for a few snippets from our happy customers.

JM Gas and Plumbing can help you get ready for the festive season and the rest of the winter months, we are just a phone call away. A free no obligation quote will be provided before any work begins to ensure you are entirely happy with the work that we intend to carry out.

We look forward to hearing from you and stay warm!